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Protect your rights when you hire an attorney with your best interests in mind. At the law office of John D. Wieser Esq., P.C. in Rochester, NY, I provide a wide range of legal services that will give you and your family the protection and peace of mind you deserve. From criminal law to establishing legal wills, I’m the only full-service attorney in the area capable of taking on your case, no matter what type of law. 

A Full Range of Legal Services

Committed to helping my clients reach their legal goals, I offer my expertise in the following areas of law: 

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Real Estate Law

Buying or selling property comes with negotiations and contracts that only a real estate attorney can help you understand. From answering questions to helping with negotiating the terms of contracts, I will be here for you during every step of the transaction. 

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Facing foreclosure can be devastating for a homeowner and their family. Whether you broke the terms of your mortgage or defaulted in payments, I will help you keep your home by providing the fullest legal representation in the Rochester area. Trust me to support you through this difficult time.

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Criminal Law

If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s important to know your rights and your options. As one of the area’s leading criminal lawyers, I will represent you to the best of my ability, working to reduce your sentence and ensure you receive a fair trial.

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Decide who takes custody of your children and how your property is allocated when you make a legal will. By helping you name an executor and determine your beneficiaries, I will help you ensure your wishes are respected after death. 

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Power of Attorney

In the event you are unable to manage your personal affairs, including finances, business, and more, a Power of Attorney (POA) will step in and manage them for you. There are various types of POAs available that grant different levels of authority. I will help you decide which type of POA is right for you. 

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Health Care Proxy

Establish someone you trust to be your health care proxy to ensure you receive your preferred health care services in the event you cannot speak for yourself. Once a doctor establishes that you are unable to communicate for yourself, this trusted person will step in to honor your wishes for you. 

Whether it’s a legal will to protect your estate or you need help officially identifying a health care proxy, John D. Wieser Esq., P.C. in Monroe County is your leading attorney. Call my office today to find out how I can help you get through a foreclosure, represent your interests as your criminal lawyer, or explain real estate proceedings.